Based in the highlands of Central Mexico, Recreo San Miguel designs and produces luxury apparel inspired by the traditional poncho. All pieces are handmade locally by a collective of expert seamstresses and artisans. We believe in responsible and thoughtful garment production, from start to finish. 


In Spanish, “Recreo” means re-create. Recreo San Miguel’s recreation of the poncho uses fine materials –   silks, wools, cashmeres, suedes, linens and furs – from across the globe. The result is a look that is at once traditional and contemporary. Each garment is discreetly adorned with the brand's signature in hand-crafted sterling silver. The logo evokes the texture of fine fabrics, as well as the weaving together of history and modernity…practicality and luxury…simplicity and elegance.


The story of Recreo San Miguel began, in a sense, centuries ago. The serape, a garment known for its rugged warmth, comfort and versatility, was produced in San Miguel de Allende as far back as the 16th and 17th centuries. At the same time, San Miguel became known for fine textiles that were said to have rivaled Europe and the Far East for exceptional craftsmanship. Recreo San Miguel marries these seemingly unrelated elements of Mexican history, and wraps them in a bit of high fashion.