Discover Devoré

From time to time, we like to focus on fabrics…because no matter how stunning the design is, the fabric itself is the starting point and the ending point for a great garment. The drape, the play of light, the hand, the pattern, the texture and more...all combine to define the look and feel of the piece.

Today, we draw your attention to “Devoré” – a time-honored technique that transforms solid fabrics into semi-transparent, lacy confections that have lately captured the imagination of designers and fashion editors alike. Among the many designers who have been working with devoré, Givenchy recently showcased devoré in its Paris runway collection.

Sometimes also called "burnout,” the technique is thought to have originated in France at the end of the 19th Century, and has experienced periodic revivals in popularity. To see for yourself how spectacular it can be, check out some of RSM’s own interpretations: