For the Love of Layers

Now that Fall is upon us, we’re eagerly retrieving our favorite layering garments to prepare for the ever-changing temperatures in the coming months. All of this anticipation got us thinking about layers, and why we love them so. 

Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Layers are perfect for mixing-and-matching…and making an entrance.
  2. They can be a chic way to experiment with colors, patterns, and texture, adding depth while instantly transforming your look.
  3. When the temperature rises or falls – in its usual unpredictable ways – or you head from chilly outdoors to heated homes, you’re always prepared.
  4. They’re the perfect travel companions – they extend your wardrobe without adding any unnecessary bulk – and they never complain about your choice in restaurants.
  5. They’re fun..and isn’t that part of why you love fashion?


Recreo San Miguel launched just three short years ago with an innovative re-creation of the traditional serape, reimagined in luxurious fabrics and inventive designs. Since then, we have expanded our styles to include not just ponchos and serapes, but also capes and wraps, jackets and vests, scarves and shawls, and more. 

Perfect for layering.

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