Conformity and the Remix


In decades past, conformity was the rule, and fashion pretty much hewed to narrowly-defined, but widely-accepted accepted modes of dress. By the ’60’s, the conservatism, restraint and formality of the ’40’s and ’50’s gave way to a freer, looser, more informal style, but the uniform standards of past decades merely gave way to a new expression of conformity, with the bold patterns and more body-conscious styles of the day supplanting the staid, modest, establishment-driven looks of previous periods. 


Subsequent decades were marked by waves of innovation, but each period imposed its own “rules” that governed designers and fashionistas alike.


Today, a set of much more individualized, self-expressive rules hold sway…just as new, more forgiving standards of beauty allow men and women to feel attractive – regardless of body type – likewise the fashion choices available to consumers provide a rich range of looks that can be mixed and remixed just as deejays freely sample and combine existing tracts to create something new.


Combining the familiar and the new is a central tenet of the RSM brand DNA, and nowhere is this more evident than in the profusion of newly created styles for 2015. As the brand has evolved, new profiles, new styles and new garment types offer fresh new ways to express your individual style, with a visual vocabulary that’s firmly anchored in timeless principals.