Step into Spring: Spring '15 Trends

The world’s fashionistas are buzzing with the latest looks during Fashion Week London, Milan and most recently, Paris. So while the fashion industry focuses on Fall 2015, we want to take an empathetic moment for our friends and family who are still stuck in frigid, snowbound climates to anticipate whole-heartedly the blue skies, fresh flowers, warm nights, and longer days that Spring will soon bring. So, instead of looking ahead to what’s hot for fall, here is our focus on Spring's hottest trends.

Art Basel Miami

A couple of RSM team members were lucky enough to attend Art Basel in Miami Beach this year. Four days of visual inspiration, stimulating conversation and of course, amazing fashion, Art Basel brings together the world's best artists, architects and designers to turn Miami Beach in to a hot spot for global creativity. Being part of this was truly inspiring. Here are some of our favorite moments:

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For the Love of Layers

Now that Fall is upon us, we’re eagerly retrieving our favorite layering garments to prepare for the ever-changing temperatures in the coming months. All of this anticipation got us thinking about layers, and why we love them so. 

Centuries-Old Modernism

Simple, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, serapes are an example of great design. Though centuries old, they embody Louis Sullivan’s famous design mantra that inspired 20th-Century Modernism, “form follows function.”

Say "Yes" to Saying "No"

It’s an idea reiterated time and time again. It is, however, one that rings true — great style is about knowing what makes you feel good from the inside out, and staying true to that, regardless of trends. Chicness involves refusal, a discerning eye, an ability to sift, edit and curate what you embrace in your wardrobe…and your life. 

Conformity and the Remix

In decades past, conformity was the rule, and fashion pretty much hewed to narrowly-defined, but widely-accepted accepted modes of dress. By the ’60’s, the conservatism, restraint and formality of the ’40’s and ’50’s gave way to a freer, looser, more informal style, but the uniform standards of past decades merely gave way to a new expression of conformity, with the bold patterns and more body-conscious styles of the day supplanting the staid, modest, establishment-driven looks of previous periods.